Here’s How Much an Obamacare Repeal Would Cost


The Congressional Budget Office has released its latest estimates for the financial cost should Congress repeal the Affordable Care Act—and it wasn’t what many Republicans were hoping for.

Repealing Obamacare would add as much as $353 billion to the U.S. budget deficit through 2025, the non-partisan CBO found. When taking into account the economic effects of future policy changes — what’s called “dynamic scoring” — the deficit inflation would be closer to $137 billion.

That’s a pretty big sum, especially given that a CBO review in 2012 estimated that rescinding the law would add about $109 billion to the deficit over a decade.

While getting rid of the law would generate savings by ending insurance subsidies to millions of Americans, those savings would be surpassed by reversing the law’s cuts to Medicare and scrapping its various tax tax increases, the CBO said. It would also increase the ranks of the…

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Three Poems from ‘Jours Tranquilles au Caire’


Isabelle Mayault’s debut, Jours Tranquilles au Caire, launched this spring, and is currently on sale in Cairo in French, with an Arabic translation in the works:

B-xFFUrUEAAEtRdThe book, she says, is a collection of chronicles — both nonfiction and poetry — about the 2012-2014 period in Cairo.

JoursTranquilles was released by Paris-based Riveneuve publishing house, and “these first-person chronicles describe what the daily life looks like in a city that is far from being quiet,” Mayault said over email. “The name is inspired by the French translated title of Henry Miller’s book, JoursTranquilles à Clichy. I feel compelled to add that, nothing, however, compares with Miller’s novel in terms of débauche!”

JoursTranquillesauCaire is set between March 2012 and June 2014, “roughly from elections to elections. In it, I mix on the ground stories (what it is to be working as a freelance journalist in this particular context)…

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Paul Krugman: Education Does Not Cause Inequality

Diane Ravitch's blog

Paul Krugman, the Nobel Prize winning economist who writes a column for the Néw York Times, demolishes the “reformers'” claim that bad education is at the root of inequality and economic issues.

He flunks the talking heads and pundits (and by implication, the Néw York Times editorial board, which employs the arguments he debunks) for asserting that schools and teachers are to blame for inequality.

Among other things, he critiques laments about the “skills gap.” If employers want certain skills, they would pay higher wages for those skills.

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Cast stone surrounds Windows plus Fireplace

Lots of people prefer to decorate their chimney corner Cast stone surrounds mantel with several of the most excellent decorative stuff just to give them with a pleasant aesthetic appeal. Lots of households in the north part of the US have their fire places in their home and if you would notice, they do not immediately leave their fireplaces without any beautification as well as they prevent this from becoming messy. They make certain that they are pleasant looking and gorgeous all the time. Custom Cast Stone Product is significant things that you require and they are made around the fire places to make its surrounds better as well as beautiful simultaneously.

Mantels as well as other Custom Cast stone surrounds Products are prepared up of dissimilar provisions and you could pick from the wide variety of designs and configurations to install about the fireplace. Mantels are typically accessible in marbles and stones, these are so well-known around the world and they are identified to create a great looking fireplace. These will make your without worrying concerning the look of the place and it could as well naturally complement with other fixtures that you have at home. It might as well suite any sort plus paint color also. Stone mantels are typically made up of diverse sort of stones like granite, limestone, plus river rock too. The stone mantels are most outstanding suited for big fireplaces as well as they are also valuable, since they will not get injured or they are not prone to scratch as well.

Old World Cast stone surrounds Fireplace Mantels is tough sufficient and it will not effortlessly break nor damaged except you use a mallet or else any other sharp matter to break it. Stone mantels typically get a lifetime guarantee and it does not require to be replaced although. You could find stone mantels in diverse designs and colors as well, which will simply blend with the home interior or else with the surroundings too. One of the most excellent ways to purchase a stone mantel is to look for it online. You would see lots of mantel seller and you could check their web sites for design that you desire. There is this business that presents you Old World Fireplace Mantels that are tough and appealing too.

Cast stone surrounds fireplace is one of the few significant things while it comes to decorate your house. Give your house a stunning look with stone window door surroundings even if you have little space. Stone is the structure stone that is used to offer functional or else ornamentation features in the home or buildings. Cast stone surrounds is manufactured in diverse textures plus colors and for wounding natural stones, they are a superior alternative. Cast window surroundings help offer an aesthetic appeal to the building and places. They are as well being extensively used for home decor as they save cash compare to other stones. Our designers have arisen with diverse stone textures and colors offering a distinction to veneer, stone as well as bricks of the place. The Cast stone surrounds fireplace could be used in combination with the sills and the window environs could include the crossheads as well as pediments. From fireplaces, entry ways to window environs, we present the most excellent combination of goods that are made of the uppermost quality.

Versatile Kitchen Table and Chair Sets for your home

The dining room is the place where you settle down your family and guests for a wonderful food. However, the modern trends have shown mini dining areas that are present right within the kitchen areas. Selecting kitchen table and chairs in such a situation are sometimes difficult because in this particular case you have to take care of different things like size, measurements, décor and theme. The most important thing which needs to be kept in mind is that the design which you have selected for your kitchen must be a versatile one and it must be settled down with the tone of your home.

In the market, kitchen table and chair sets are available in different shapes, patterns, designs and sizes. Due to this fact, it gets really easy for selecting the desired versatile design of the kitchen table. For instance, if your home has a small kitchen, then a versatile design of round table with four or six chairs would be perfect for you. In case if you have a bigger kitchen, then you can even go for square and rectangular tables. It is all on you which size you are selecting for your kitchen eating area. The most important thing which needs to be kept in mind is that whatever design you have selected must set your home décor too.

As there are different sizes and shapes available for your kitchen table and chairs the same way you will find various smart designs too. Each and every kitchen table design available in the market exhibits a unique and stylish design. Some of them are made up of wood and these wooden kitchen tables carry up handcrafted patterns. Some of the kitchen tables are found with wood or metal base and are attached to glass tops. So now it is all on you which versatile design of kitchen table set you have selected for your home.

Buying perfect kitchen table sets is not difficult. The internet is the right place where you can find up a huge variety and a deal regarding your kitchen table sets. Look for the right online shop and order up the desired design for your kitchen table. The most important thing which needs to be known is that your kitchen table must be of good quality. Pick up that material which has a long lasting effect. Durability is a very important factor to be checked. If you have a limited budget, still you can buy good quality furniture pieces out of the discounted deals. Never compromise on the quality. It does not mean that you will only find a low standard product when the price would be low. You can even have plenty of good products at low cost too. Ensure that you have picked up the right item and it suits your home kitchen too.

Buy wholesale table linen at minimum price

Trend of interior decoration is altering and new ideas are emerging with time. The old concept of arranging parties or family meetings at the backyard of the house is changing and more organized and elegantly themed parties have replaced that concept. People find it difficult to arrange a get-together of friends or family reunion at their home and prefer calling every guest to a designated place where everyone gathers and have quality time with each other, such as, a club or hotel or even special halls. If you also run one such place where people come and enjoy parties or have business meetings you must know the importance of interior decoration of the area.

Customers cannot enjoy fully unless they are provided a well-organized and soothing environment where they can sit together and have chat among themselves. The best way to do this impressive interior decoration which fulfills the requirements of you customers is by making use of different color schemes and designs of the curtains, table covers and even the handkerchief arrangement. For this purpose you should purchase the wholesale tablecloths from the manufacturers and suppliers who have a complete range of colors and designs of these items.

When you have various designs and colors right before in the form of color cards or catalogues it becomes easier to select the perfect candidates which may serve as the base for majority of the themes or for development of new themes and combinations. The trend of wholesale table linen keeps changing with trend, season or with the kind of functions your organization develops a specialty of. You should purchase these tablecloths and other things on the basis of the kind of orders you receive or the area in which you are gaining popularity. It is better to become a signature of quality in specific area than to be a jack of all trades.

Besides, you can save a great amount of money which needs to be spent on purchase of coverings of tables and chairs and the curtains which match with the rarely encountered themes and invest this money for purchase of items which may help you develop better plans and decorative ideas for the kind of orders you receive frequently. In this way, slowly you would develop a name in the arrangement of specific kind of parties or events and people would start looking you as an icon of quality in that field.

People who are new in this field need to take these points under consideration more than the ones who have been in business for some time because cutting down budget for increasing the inventory may appear to be difficult in the beginning of any business. You just need to consider the dimensions of the tablecloths to be purchased so that your tables get covered in the proper manner and the guests find them delighting. Once you get experience in this field and you secure good name among the customers you would start earning rewards of your hard work.