Three Poems from ‘Jours Tranquilles au Caire’


Isabelle Mayault’s debut, Jours Tranquilles au Caire, launched this spring, and is currently on sale in Cairo in French, with an Arabic translation in the works:

B-xFFUrUEAAEtRdThe book, she says, is a collection of chronicles — both nonfiction and poetry — about the 2012-2014 period in Cairo.

JoursTranquilles was released by Paris-based Riveneuve publishing house, and “these first-person chronicles describe what the daily life looks like in a city that is far from being quiet,” Mayault said over email. “The name is inspired by the French translated title of Henry Miller’s book, JoursTranquilles à Clichy. I feel compelled to add that, nothing, however, compares with Miller’s novel in terms of débauche!”

JoursTranquillesauCaire is set between March 2012 and June 2014, “roughly from elections to elections. In it, I mix on the ground stories (what it is to be working as a freelance journalist in this particular context)…

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