How far is the ability to print from an original toner?

One of the most objective ways to know the feasibility of purchasing a laser printer is relativize the cost of your purchase plus the cost of buying the supplies of each model and above all how much each toner cartridge can print and other supplies during its useful life.

This was a major problem until 2004 because each manufacturer ( HP , Lexmark , Samsung , Xerox , Okidata , Brother , etc.) had its own method of evaluating the capability of printing their supplies and this compromised the transparency of method and mostly precluded a safe comparison of income between different brands .

That is, even seeing , for example, a HP toner cheaper than a Lexmark toner , it was not possible to safely whether to split the price of the toner cartridge by the number of printed pages released by the manufacturer would keep the advantage of being cheaper.

So in June 2004 the International Organization for Standardization ( ISO ) stimulated by manufacturers such as HP and Lexmark , created a standard ( ISO / IEC 19752 ) for measuring yield supplies for monochrome laser printers , and later in December 2006 created by ISO / IEC 19798 standard for measuring capacity of colored toner for laser printers .

Through these international regulations manufacturers of laser printer supplies began using the same measurement method and the laboratory under identical conditions for a transparent and scientific approach would become comparable yields of pages published by several manufacturers of cartridges toner and other supplies laser.

This test in perfect laboratory conditions with controlled temperature 23 ° Celsius and the default settings of the printer are tested at least 9 toner cartridges at least 3 different printers printing a standard PDF file containing 4 pages A4 coverage of 5 % and a diagnostic page . In this way , measure how after only statistical treatment , given that on average supply can print on your life .

Thus the manufacturer discloses the results of this test for comparison between the different models of toner manufacture and even become comparable cost of supplies from different manufacturers since all currently use the same ISO standard to promote the performance of their supplies.

Thus today it is possible, for example, compare the cost of an HP toner, comparing it with a Lexmark toner and a Xerox toner, taking into consideration not only the cost, but also the number of pages printed on each identical conditions in the laboratory.

It is noteworthy that these data yield from each cartridge original toner only serve to be a reference for expected number of printed pages and, especially, the user can compare different models . That is, one should not expect that the toner cartridges achieve exactly the mark achieved in the laboratory with highly controlled and monitored and printing file that is not the same standard as printed daily in the production environment both in enterprises and residential uses in conditions.

So before you buy your next laser printer , consider not only the total cost of the equipment , but the supplies over its use will be purchased separately as toner , drums, fuser and photoconductor . And to compare them based on, always in revenues each released following ISO standards.

But in everyday usage pursue the income disclosed because its function is compared. But rest assured that if your toner cartridge has declared income of 10,000 printed pages it will print twice as one whose income is , for example, to 5000 pages . But both can print proportionately more or less than that stated income , depending on its use , climatic conditions , printer settings, and toner coverage of the printed page .


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